Make your way through an Amish wasteland and survive as long as you can!

This was made in 3(ish) days during a game jam at AIE Melbourne. We were given the name and we then had three days to make something from it, so we made a Crossy Road-like game set in an Amish wasteland.
Some time was spent after the 3 days fixing bugs adding a little polish.

If you've somehow never heard of Crossy Road, you can check it out here: App Store / Google Play Store

It was made by a team of 6 wonderful people as well as myself:
Addie Robertson - Producer/Designer
Lachlan Frayne - Designer
Joseph Vangeli-Raco - Artist
Kane Sedonja - Artist
Yuki Lu - Artist
Gabe - Programmer
and me! - Programmer


RAM - Windows 22 MB
RAM - Android 29 MB


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This is an awesome game dood what the hell..